byobnb is a growing community for mobile dwellers to network with property owners for long term and secure parking!

No Service Fees to Connect!

(Donations accepted, pay what the service is worth to you)

Whatever you choose to be your mobile dwelling, it should to be self-sustainable and self-contained to use We strive to offer the property owners the least amount of impact and they are not required to provide any hookups or dump outs.

Electricity, water and Wifi may be included or offered at an additional charge with some property owners.

From personal experience, finding secure and consistent parking is hard enough, let alone having to pay to get that info.  We wouldn't want to pay for a potential lead on parking either and nor will you.  The parking information found on our map is FREE to access and use, providing the Property Owner has given us authorization to list it. 

Byonbnb's network will be based on reviews from the property owners and mobile dwellers of each other.  Serious violations on a property will result in banning from use of the service.  

Have you made the move to a mobile dwelling and need a spot to park? 

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