byobnb is the easiest way to create a residual income using your unused property by renting it to mobile dwellers for parking.

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There is an increasing amount of people in the United States that are downsizing their living situations and moving into homes on wheels.  This migration is creating a new housing marketplace within the tiny home movement.  

  • Spaces to rent could be:
    • a grass field or a wooded lot secluded from your home, behind the barn or in the driveway
    • a vacation home that is vacant, offer the driveway and get added security
    • a business with private parking lots and garages; church parking lots
    • any other piece of land you own that could accommodate a mobile dwelling

  • No hookups need to be provided as all mobile dwellings should be self-sustainable and self-contained.  If they are not, you can include or have an additional cost for utilities like:
    • Electricity, water, wireless internet and sewer

  • All terms are set by the property owner.
    • The length of stay, size of dwelling, kids/pets allowed or not, number of mobile dwellings on property and financial costs. 
    • There is no fee to use our service, simply look for Mobile Dwellers in your area and contact via email if interested in renting to space them; providing they have given us authorization to list their info, if not please email us their ID number and we will contact them for you.​

Start generating income with your unused land or parking today! 

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